Week in france

The fourth mobility of our Erasmus+ project was in Poitiers, France. The topic of the week was „sports and migration“ and our task was to finish the documentary film as well as  writing on the schoolbook. On Monday we had the chance to talk to migrant teenagers who live in France. We also started to collect material for a radio show on DELTA FM. On Tuesday we got a lesson in Chinese and a part of us went to a migration center to interview refugees who flew to Europe.
The afternoon was all about Sports and we played different games like handball and baseball. Our results about how sports can be helpful to integrate people into the society and how integration is presented in films were our topics of Wednesday. We had to finish our preparations for the radio shows which were broadcasted on Thursday in the afternoon. We had a wide range of topics for the shows. On Friday we went to Poitiers city center where we played a game which helped us to discover the city. After we had finished the game we headed back to the Lycée where we watched our documentary film and brought all of our material we worked on during the week in order.

Radio Show